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The Seven States of Gamer Development
- Eric L. Rhea
Anonymity at its best
- Anonymous
Seeds of Inspiration
- Wes Platt
To P, or not to P (-Kill that is)?
- Ilya
Coping with change
- Selina Kelley
Just Give Me a Game, Please
- Jessica Mulligan

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Anonymity at its best

by Anonymous

I like being anonymous. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I like how an online medium lets me be who I want, when I want, how I want, with anyone I want.

I like making you think I'm Fred from Farnhamville, Iowa. I like making you think I'm Sandy from San Jose, California. I like that you think I'm a girl, I'm a boy, I'm a frog.

I like playing with your mind.



I am a mudder. I am anyone you know. I am everyone you know. I am nobody. I creep into your bedroom at night, glowing from your screen in brightly colored text. I am Allison from Alice Springs. I am Penny from Perth.

Oh, I may seem harmless enough. I may provide pictures, and a background, lots of supporting text to prove who I am. Anything can be downloaded! Anything can be used! I can't stop myself, I like flittering through your life. I am a zero. I am a one.

I infiltrate your community. One minute I am there, the next minute I have moved on. You may or may not notice me. I whisper in your ear when you least expect it.

I am eighteen. I am twenty-three. I am thirty-four with a family of my own.

I am twelve. I am forty-six. I am a grandfather with seventeen grandchildren.

I am Sam. Sam I am.

Why should I not lie to you? Why should I care who you are, or about your life? Why should I be your pillow, your sounding board? Why should I be your psychiatrist? Your priest?

Tell me why? I have no degree. I have a Ph.D. Prove I don't! Prove I do!

Don't trust me. Don't love me. I am nothing, and never have been. I can be honest, but why should I be?

Do I understand you? No, probably not. Who are you? You are me! Prove you aren't! Prove you are!

I laugh at you when you cry. I cry when you laugh at me. I hide behind a mirror that you can't see through. You hide behind a mirror, that I can't see.

I wear this cloak on purpose. I like hiding.

You don't know who I am. I like it that way.