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- Robert Boileau
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- Luis Branco
Mud Excellence Awards
- Andy Awards
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- Ntanel StormBlade
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Second Semi-Annual MU* Excellence Awards:

by Andy Awards

April 7, 2001--the first ever MU* Awards was held. Over 100 people and 11 MU*s were in attendance in a huge 3-hour gala event.
District Court Judge in Las Vegas

An Impartial Judge.

And it's happening again on October 6, 2001 at 9 PM!

Nominees are selected by a panel of judges from a list of MU*s that submit their game through the awards website. The winners are announced at an on-line event, a la the Oscars. Winners get a cute little graphic they can put on their website ;-) and bragging rights, to boot!

To learn more, visit:

ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: To help judge the various MU*s, we need judges! To assist in this endeavor, send email to:

Thank you.

(Note: We apologize, but at this current juncture, only MUSH, MUX and MUSE (and similar) are allowed to enter into this contest for the following reasons:

  1. It's extremely difficult to set a standard for excellence between different code bases. To some degree, it's not that bad, but there are many stark differences between a MUSH, for example, and an LP, and I feel it would be unfair to try and pit one against the other, considering the disparity.

  2. There are approximately 200 MUSH/MUX/MUSEs on the 'net, and even if only a quarter of them were to enter the contest, the judges would not have enough time to give them all a fair judging.

  3. Even with only 8 categories and 11 MU*s last time, the awards ceremony lasted almost 3 hours!!! How could we cover all the possible entries that would be needed to cover all the differences between the different kind of MU*s?

We thank you for your understanding.)

The previous winners of the MU* Excellence Awards:

  • Best Overall: OtherSpace

  • Best Fantasy: Aether

  • Best Sci-fi: Otherspace

  • Best Social: M*U*S*H

  • Best Horror: Cajun Nights

  • Best Other Genre: Chicago MUSH

  • Most Original: Chicago MUSH

  • Most Helpful Staff: Aether

  • Most Newbie-friendly: Firan

There are new categories: they are listed on the above web site.