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Top Ten Reasons you are coding on the Wrong Mud
- Michael Thompson
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Top Ten Reasons you are coding on the Wrong Mud

by Michael Thompson

10- The head mudlib coder makes entries in the changelog like "Fixed spelling of "Gratan" to "Grathan" in the header comments of /std/npc.c

9- The guy they hired 3 months ago who took 2 and a half months to complete his REQS was just put in charge of the mudlib.

8- You posted a question to the learning board on how to code an NPC 3 months ago and you still are waiting on a response.

7- You recall the administrator telling you 3 years ago that the mud would be open in full swing in 2 months time and the mud still isn't in beta testing.

6- You finger the administrator only to find out that he has retired months ago.

5- You notice numerous ads posted in the newsgroups and mud websites which claim the mud to have over 5000+ rooms and you know for a fact the only 2 rooms the mud has are the 2 that you submitted for your REQS.

4- You observe that all the other Creator's titles mention words like "Idle Master" and "King of the Idlers".

3- All 3 posts on the News board were dated back in the early '90s and contain the phrase "Testing".

2- The head administrator has posted saying how he has managed to get the uptime to an impressive 1 hour so there will be no more changes allowed to the mudlib.

1- The last time you saw another person log onto the mud you remember discussing the host server's top-of-the-line 386 2MB processing power.