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On the Treatment of Coders
- Sanvean
Applying for Wizardhood
- Selina Kelley
Playing vs Coding
- Arjen Reudink
Starting a Clan
- Shade of Nessalin
The Only Two Guilds on Your Mud
- Caris
Explorers have more fun.
- Lord Ashon
An Introduction to MUSHes
- Ervin Hearn III
Cartoon - The Mud Slinger
- Rebecca Handcock

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Exploding mud

Imaginary Realities, April 2001.

Hello and welcome to the exciting April issue for this year of 2001. Hope you enjoy all the articles and issues covered in this magazine.

I have updated the way the comments on articles work and added in a poll for each month. So make your vote count. Any comments or suggestions on improving the site will be happily received.

If you are interested in applying for a position as a staff writer for the magazine, please email the Editors. Please remember that we would like you to write at least one article for us before you apply to be a staff writer.

Please keep sending those articles in.

Thanks and good luck - the Editors.

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