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Designing God
- Scatter ///\oo/\\\
How Young is Too Young?
- Holly Fanelli
Why do a 3D mud?
- Tommi Leino
The World Does Not Need Another (Diku) mud
- Jeff Bennett
I Think, Therefore I Role play
- Sanvean
The WorldForge Gaming System
- Bryce Harrington

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Cracked mud

Imaginary Realities, Janurary 2000.

January! First issue of the new millennium/new year/year with lots of 0's. Hope you had a fantastic new years and are looking forward to another exciting year. We have a nice eclectic collection of articles this month, January seems to be a month in which I struggle for articles all the time so I am happy we got a few to go in this month. I could have sworn I had one more article, so if you sent me one and it is not in this issue please contact me and tell me which one I missed.

I made a few mistakes last month when putting the magazine together I was in a hurry and messed up on John Patrick, Michael Hartman and Selina Kelley's articles, sorry about that. I should be more organized next time.

If you are interested in applying for a position as a staff writer for the magazine, please email the Editors

I hope you enjoy all the new articles and they inspire you to write some more.

Please keep sending those articles in.

Thanks and good luck - the Editors.

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