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Game Critique
- Marian Griffith
Games as art
- Raph Koster
Problems with mudlists
- Adam Wozniak
Wear Grflx
- Nick Howe
Dynamic Room Descriptions
- Eli Stevens
Mud, a thing of the past?
- Matt Steed

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Cracked mud

Imaginary Realities, June 1999.

The June issue of Imaginary Realities! This issue I have a bunch of exciting articles from many interesting people, including Raph Koster (the lead developer of Ultima Online), Adam Wozniak (long time mudlist maintainer) and Marian Griffith (who I am sure is from somewhere famous if I can just remember). Thank you everyone for all your contributions, I am sorry the issue is a little late this month - It has been a hectic time for me.

Please keep sending those articles in.

Thanks and good luck - the Editors.

The MUD Connector is the one stop shop for all your mudding needs. The site features an extensive mudlist with 1250+ listings, several search interfaces for finding specific muds, discussion forums, players' directory and much more!

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