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The Making of a Pantheon
- Michael A. Hartman (Aristotle@Threshold)
Building the Land
- Jeffrey Laikam
Deciding on Mud Code Improvements
- John Patrick
The Power of the Written Word
- Kethry
Any Publicity is Good Publicity!
- Selina Kelley
Third Person Mudding?
- Ken McQueen

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    by Editors

Imaginary Realities, December 1999.

Frog news

December, the last issue for the year and it is finally out! Sorry it is so late, I ended up being sick during the time I had set aside to do the magazine and then have been busy since. It is the busy season after all.

The Staff Writers program is working well and we have four articles this month from our staff writers, Selina Kelley, John Patrick, Kethy and Michael A. Hartman.

If you are interested in applying for a position as a staff writer for the magazine, please email the Editors

I hope you enjoy all the new articles and they inspire you to write some more.

Please keep sending those articles in.

Thanks and good luck - the Editors.