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Tao of the Hunt
- A Shriner
Player Killers Exposed
- Lexley Vaughan
Ethics and Virtual Reality
- Chuck Haeberle
It's Only A Game
- Kethry
You Were Different When You Were A Player!
- Selina Kelley
Role-Play vs. Multi-play
- Brad Smith
Art of Language Independence
- Ben Greer

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    by Editors

Imaginary Realities, October 1999.

Frog news

October is here again, amazing how fast the world spins around. We have passed that pivotal moment, our first year anniversary. Now we just need to work on one more.

For this issue we collected together a series of articles on Player Killing and Ethics. I hope you find the articles interesting and thought provoking.

The Staff Writers program is working well and we have two articles this month from different staff writers, Selina Kelly and Kethry.

If you are interested in applying for a position as a staff writer for the magazine, please email the Editors

I hope you enjoy all the new articles and they inspire you to write some more.

Please keep sending those articles in.

Thanks and good luck - the Editors.