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The search for identity
- Scatter ///\oo/\\\
Guide to Roleplaying
- Jarok
Waltzing on with the mud client
- Andy Lewis
Rule making of roleplaying
- Michael A. Hartman (Aristotle@Threshold)
Beyond Player Killing
- Sayeed
The Writer's Block
- Daniel McIver

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Cracked mud

Imaginary Realities, November 1998.

Wheee! Number three, we will not be like the They Might Be Giants song (There is only three songs in me and this is number three) and continue on gracefully to issue 4. This is our first themed issue and the theme was role-playing, we have several articles this month on the issue of role-playing, I hope you enjoy them and find them instructive.

We got absolutely no letters to the editor this month, I considered making up some letters but I think that would be silly to do again so soon after the first issue. Remember if you have anything you wish to say about mudding and the mud world in general (or in specific) please submit your own article to us for publication.

The MUD Connector is the one stop shop for all your mudding needs. The site features an extensive mudlist with 1250+ listings, several search interfaces for finding specific muds, discussion forums, players' directory and much more!

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