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Mud client tango
- Andy Lewis
Natural Command Handling
- Scatter ///\oo/\\\
Being an administrator
- Jack Thornton
You call that a review!
- Ilya
Beyond PKilling
- Sayeed
Starting a mud
- David Bennett

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Cracked mud

Imaginary Realities, October 1998.

This is now the second issue of Imaginary Realities, so I guess we are here to stay. After much work and mailing many people, I have gathered together enough articles to fill up the magazine again. I hope the articles are of interest to those who read the pages. If not, please submit your own article to us for publication.

The next issue of the magazine will have a theme of Role Playing, so please send us any articles or stories you have about Role Playing on a mud. Anything you would like to say about Role Playing, from what sort of structures are needed in the mud to support it, to how to go about Role Playing successfully in a mud. We are interested in anything you have to say. Either submit an article to us, or just mail the editors for information.

I have added a new system to this magazine allowing you to dynamically enter comments for articles. Please send me any comments or problems you have with the system. (This has since been removed since no one used it anyway).

The other editor (Daniel) had a major computer failure just before this magazine was due to come out, so the articles he was going to do (the next issue of writers block and the quotes from you section) are not in this issue. Apologies from both of us, hope his computer gets well soon.

I hope you enjoy reading this, the second issue of the magazine.

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