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Cracked mud

Imaginary Realities, September 1998.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Imaginary Realities (the mind's alternative to life), it is an introductory edition. It does not have all the columns filled out yet, I would like to have a column each issue on some element of each type of mud. If you wish to submit an article to Imaginary Realities please see the home page for details.

This issue contains some exciting and fun articles about many different types of mudding. I hope you enjoy the magazine and I would like to see it continue for many issues in the future.


I would like to thank Juliann for her help and for creating a couple of the pages in this newsletter, Jonathan Monteleone for submitting the only column in this newsletter, George Reese for starting the idea rolling and myself (David Bennett) for doing something about it, although several months (years now, cough cough) late.

I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter, please submit some articles for upcoming newsletters. May all your fish come true.

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