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Imaginary Realities Resource Links: Servers and Development

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Aber (13)
Development information on AberMUD and derivaties.
Adventure Games (0)
Adventure game development information, has a lot of useful information to do with mud design too.
Artifical Inteligence (3)
Projects and links related specifically to artifical inteligence.
Client (2)
Information on client development.
Diku (52)
Development information for all Diku Based muds.
Distribution (5)
Methods and links talking about how to do distributed object based processing.
Game Design (10)
General articles and information about game design.
Generation (4)
Automatic generation of taverns, npcs and areas.
Graphics (14)
Graphics based mud development and public server bases.
LPMud (18)
Development information for all LP based muds. This includes Mudos, Amylaar and DGD.
MOO (18)
Development tools for the MOO code base.
MUSH (27)
This includes development information on all mush based muds.
MUX (1)
Information about MUX based servers.
Narratology (12)
An offshoot of structuralism which seeks to apply the linguistic model to the analysis of narrative. Its enabling distinction is between story (the "actual" chronological sequence of events) and discourse (the order in which those events are presented to the reader). Narratology attempts to construct a poetics of fiction or grammar of storytelling, analyzing the codes, conventions, and systems that structure all narration. Useful in muds to do things like interactive storytelling.
Other Servers (7) new
Other servers that do not fit into the above categories.
Staff Positions (1)
Mud sites where people advertise for positions and people advertise themselves.


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