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Choosing a Setting
- Delphine T. Lynx
Generalized Design Rules when Implementing Content Systems Driven by Players
- Eric L. Rhea
Dweezel's Guide for the Beginning Thief
- Raven
Dump Alignment Now
- Ilya
A Face in the Crowd
- Wes Platt
Cartoon - The Mud Slimmer
- Rebecca Handcock

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Currently the Editors of this wonderful magazine are David Bennett ( and Selina Kelley ( Selina joined us in March 2000 to take over from Marcie, she is another exciting editor. Daniel McIver ( and Marcie Kligman are now retired.

I also wish also to thank all the others that have helped with setting up this magazine and for their suggestions and ideas.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to mail them, either to their individual mailing addresses or to the main editors mailing address (

About the editors

David Bennett

David is an old frog who is estranged from his native homeland of Australia. Back home he would wake up every morning, get the post from the Kangaroo and play with his pet Koala before going to work (dodging the fearsome Platypi on the roads). He has been involved in muds for many years and was the founder of Discworld in 1991.

He thinks frogs are cute, say no more?

Selina Kelley

Selina Kelley has been involed in administrating and playing muds for a number of years now, expanding her mudding experiences to include writing reviews for The Mud Connector and articles for Imaginary Realities. She concentrates mostly on LP mudding, but has also dabbled in the ROM and Diku flavours in the past. An Australian citizen, she is currently stranded in the US.

Staff Writers

The Staff Writers are a group of people working for the magazine that have said they will contribute one article every two months to the magazine.

About the Staff Writers


Kethry runs a mud called Mystic Adventures and she likes on occasion to be drawn like this.


Scatter is one of the most prolific contributers to the magazine in it's first year. He has already averaged one article every two months for the life of the magazine. Thank for you the excellent articles and I hope to see many more!

Michael A. Hartman

Michael runs Threshold RPG and has been a prolific poster to the various mud groups over the years.

John Patrick

John Patrick is a Electrical Engineer currently working as a Software Engineer in the Chicago area. When he's not on his MUD, he's designing killer robots, working on GNU programs, or getting ready for his new daughter. You can reach him on Ansalon ( 8679) where he plays as Reorx.

Editors (retired)

Marcie Kligman

Marcie is a young artistic koala living in the the United States of America. Every day she gets up and witnesses a couple of gun battles and gang wars on her street, then gets together with her friends and talks about how the United States is better than every other country. She has gotten good at not doing anything while studying art at college, or at the very least pretending to do work while all the time doodling in her sketchbook. She is an expert at not doing work and plans never to enter the real world, since she will be particularly unprepared for it.

The rumours about her red hair are greatly exaggerated, its the pen.

Daniel McIver (retired)

Daniel is Irish and spends his time planting potatoes and drinking Guiness. Every morning he gets up to do a quick stint of Celtic drawing and a lucky charm role call. When he is not occupied with these important activities, he plays muds. Over the years he has played on a wide variety of muds from pay-to-play muds to free ones, giving him an excellent breadth of experience to bring to a mud magazine.

The rumours about sheep are completely unfounded. It's a pet.