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Choosing a Setting
- Delphine T. Lynx
Generalized Design Rules when Implementing Content Systems Driven by Players
- Eric L. Rhea
Dweezel's Guide for the Beginning Thief
- Raven
Dump Alignment Now
- Ilya
A Face in the Crowd
- Wes Platt
Cartoon - The Mud Slimmer
- Rebecca Handcock

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I started this project many years ago (in 1995) it has taken a little while to come to fruition, I would like to thank George Reese for helping with the inital inception of the idea and for providing the web space which we are hosting the magazine on.  Daniel McIver for motiviating me to again setup the magazine, all the people who actually contributed to the first issue (although many of them have probably forgotten they ever did).  Maureen Sheields for doing a typo check of the page and helping with the layout.

I guess I should thank myself (David Bennett) just for doing it all in the first place, now wasn't that fun?

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